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Mr. Marios Nikolaidis​

Doctoral Researcher

Mr. Marios Nikolaidis holds a combined BSc “Physical Oceanography and Informatics” from the University of Wales, Bangor, and he is currently doing his PhD in Marine Geodesy at the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics. Mr. Marios Nikolaidis begun his professional career immediately after completing his undergraduate studies. In 2011 he was enrolled in the laboratory of Oceanography Center, University of Cyprus as a junior researcher, being responsible for Quality Control and processing of the in-situ sea observations regarding the physical parameters of sea water masses of the Levantine Sea. He has participated as a research scientist in over 15 research programmes: GROOM, PREMARPOL, MEDESS-4MS, MYOCEAN II and others, with the latest ones being MAESTRALE and CyCLOPS. Among his responsibilities were: preparation and deployment of oceanographic instruments (e.g. CTD, ADCP), data processing and visualization of measurements, participation in oceanographic cruises for data collection, software development for supporting sea forecasting mathematical models (CYCOFOS and others) and for the needs of certain research programs (e.g. GIS platform development for MAESTRALE). Currently, he is enrolled at the CUT Geodesy Lab. His research focuses on Physical Oceanography and Marine Geodesy, with a focus on developing forecasting mathematical models. He has co-authored 4 scientific papers so far (with 1 pending review). Furthermore, he is interested in developing software solutions to assist promoting his research objectives.