Current Projects

The Cyprus Continuously Operating Natural Hazards Monitoring and Prevention System (RPF/INFRASTRUCTURES/1216/0050), abbreviated CyCLOPS, is co-financed by the European Union Regional Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Promotion Foundation. The main objective of the project is the establishment of a novel Strategic Research Infrastructure Unit for monitoring Solid Earth processes and Geohazards in Cyprus and the broader EMENA region. CyCLOPS will deploy permanent co-located multi-sensor configurations (Tier-1 GPS/GNSS reference stations, SAR Corner Reflectors, weather stations, tiltmeters et al) throughout Cyprus to promote geohazard monitoring, critical infrastructure resilience and enhance National Geodetic and Spatial Data Infrastructure.

ΘΑΛ-ΧΩΡ (THAL-CHOR) aimed at developing a methodology for MSP and then using this methodology for pilot application in selected areas in Cyprus (Limassol area) and Greece (Islands of Lesvos and Rhodes). Resolution of spatial conflicts between different uses of the sea, better coordination between stakeholders and strengthening cross-border cooperation were also project’s objectives. The following actions took place:

  • Stock-taking of human activities at sea and analysis of main features of the marine environment;
  • Development of a Web-GIS to display all collected data;
  • Overview of the legal framework and recommendations for its improvement;
  • Definition of future priorities and analysis of the future state in terms of evolution of existing activities and development of new ones;
  • Pilot implementation of MSP in selected areas and drafting of pilot maritime spatial plans;
  • Evaluation of the methodology followed for implementing MSP and identification of good practices.