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CyCLOPS Contributes two more GNSS Stations to EPOS

Cyprus contributes two more stations in EPOS

The Cyprus University of Technology Laboratory of Geodesy is proud to announce its recent contribution of two more permanent GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) reference stations to the European Plate Observing System (EPOS). EPOS, or the European Plate Observing System, is a pivotal European initiative that integrates a multitude of advanced research infrastructures, aiming to monitor and understand the complexities of the Earth system.

Our contribution to EPOS is part of the commitment of the CyCLOPS strategic research infrastructure unit towards Cyprus and Europe. Furthermore, it underscores the European vision of creating a robust and interconnected geospatial observational system. By enhancing the availability of GNSS observations, we promote research on the Earth’s dynamic processes, facilitating better disaster preparedness and efficient land resource management, and fostering cutting-edge research in geosciences.

Specifically, beyond our reference station in Asgata (ASGA), stations SOUN (at Souni-Zanakia) and TROU (at Troulli village) began contributing data on September 11, 2023. Both stations are Tier-1 GNSS CORS, ensuring the highest precision and reliability in geodetic measurements. Combined with our use of individually calibrated choke-ring antennas, we will try to provide researchers and scientists with superior data accuracy. Moreover, all stations co-locate with very precise weather stations and tiltmeters, further elevating the quality of the collected data.

The Laboratory of Geodesy would like to express its gratitude to all involved parties and is excited about the future possibilities and collaborations this expansion represents for both Cyprus and Europe. Embracing the principles of Open Science, we invite researchers, institutions, and geoscience enthusiasts to explore our data and collaborate with us in this endeavor.


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