Geo-Hazards monitoring at Khirokitia Neolithic Settlement

Geo-Hazards monitoring at Khirokitia Neolithic Settlement

Geodesy at the service of archaeology

In the frame of the PROTHEGO (Protection of European Cultural Heritage from Geo-Hazards) JPI project, the Laboratory of Geodesy has begun the first phase of the establishment of a precise geodetic network to monitor the impact potential Geo-Hazards (i.e. landslides or earthquakes) would have on the Khirokitia Neolithic Settlement. 

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Installation of the first radar tide gauge station in Cyprus

Installation of the first radar tide gauge station in Cyprus

The establishment of a new modern national vertical datum

The CUT Laboratory of Geodesy has installed the first radar tide gauge station in Cyprus. The new station is located at the Old Port of Limassol and will be part of the national tide gauge network established by the Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS) in cooperation with Cyprus University of Technology.

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Awarded by the Academy of Athens

Awarded by the Academy of Athens

Best research paper in Geodesy Award for the year 2014

Our research paper titled "An interative LiDAR DEM-aided algorithm for GNSS positioning in obstructed/rapidly undulated environments" was awarded for best paper in Geodesy published by Greek authors, by the Academy of Athens.

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Positioning Adventures In Nottingham

Positioning Adventures In Nottingham

A large scale experiment of the joint IAG/FIG committee on Ubiquitous Positioning

In May 2012, members from 5 universities around the globe were gathered in the premises of Nottingham Geospatial Institute (NGI) to carry out a series of experiments on Ubiquitous Positioning. Multiple scenarios were tested using multi-sensor configurations on a variety of custom platforms (i.e. train, vehicle, and pedestrian platforms).

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L3Harris passes design review for NTS-3 navigation satellite

L3Harris Technologies has reached a major milestone in the U.S. Air Force’s Navigation Technology Satellite-3 (NTS-3) project — passing the preliminary design review that defines the spacecraft’s path to delivery and allows the program to move to the next phase of development. NTS-3 is an experimental program examining ways to improve the resiliency of the military’s positioning, navigation and timing capabilities. It will also develop key technologies relevant to the Global Positioning...
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Komatsu partners with Cesium on Smart Construction solutions

Screenshot: Cesium Cesium’s 3D technology will power smart construction dashboard to make construction safer, more efficient and more profitable Komatsu has officially announced an incoming suite of the company’s Smart Construction solutions, which will include the 3D visualization power and geospatial accuracy of Cesium, a platform to visualize, analyze and share 3D data. “Together, Komatsu and Cesium are bringing a new era of innovation to the construction industry,” said Rod Schrader,...
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DOT holds first GPS backup technology demonstration

Notes from DoT GPS Backup Demos – Part I Government officials, advisors, and congressional staff gathered at NASA’s Langley Research Center on Friday, March 13. They were there to discuss the Department of Transportation’s (DoT’s) GPS Backup Technology Demonstration program and view the offerings of six different companies. A second event to view and discuss technologies offered by the other five companies in the program is scheduled (as of this writing) for Friday, March 20, at Joint Base...
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Glonass-M satellite launched into orbit

Russia has launched another Glonass-M satellite, according to Roscosmos, the Russian State Space Corporation. A Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle successfully carried the satellite to its planned orbit from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. The launch took place on schedule on March 16. Ground-based facilities of the G.S. Titov Space Forces VKS immediately took control of the satellite. A stable telemetry connection has been established and maintained with the satellite. The onboard systems of the spacecraft...
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Coronavirus and location: Is there a line?

No, I’m not talking about the line at the grocery store to buy toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Or the line at the doctor’s office. I’m talking about that gray privacy line invisible to the naked eye, but all too accessible on our mobile devices. On March 16, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet approved using citizens’ smartphones to track the locations of people infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as anyone they might have had contact with. Such a...
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Draganfly tapped to detect dangerous unexploded landmines

Photo: Gannet77/E+/Getty Images Draganfly Inc., a leading North American-based commercial drone company, is partnering with Windfall Geotek to develop drone-based solutions for landmine detection. Windfall Geotek is a Quebec-based technology services company and a leader in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced knowledge-extraction techniques in the mining sector. The companies will work to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) driven unmanned aerial systems solution for...
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Launchpad: Emergency beacons, 3D software

A roundup of recent products in the GNSS and inertial positioning industry from the April 2020 issue of GPS World magazine. OEM LPWA module Collaborative IoT SOLUTION Photo: Quectel Quectel Wireless Solutions’ LPWA module BG95 is being integrated with Microsoft’s Azure Device software development kit (SDK). The BG95 cellular module is based on the Qualcomm 9205 LTE modem. The integration will provide direct and secure connections to the Azure IoT Hub and provide full support for Azure device...
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