About the Lab

The Laboratory of Geodesy and Hydrographic Surveying is based in the Cyprus University of Technology at Limassol, CY. Its research is focused on the following main fields:

  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems;
  • Ubiquitous Navigation and Positioning;
  • Engineering Geodesy;
  • Marine Geodesy and Hydrographic Surveying;
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Geodetic Infrastructure.

Celestia|eu is Chris Danezis' personal Geomatics web project with utmost objective: the exchange of knowledge and resources in the field of Geomatics by means of community-driven mechanisms. Members of this project will be able to access tutorials, open source code, and software, as well as the ability to contribute or release their own projects in the registered community. 


About Chris


Chris Danezis is a Geomatics Engineer for years now. He holds a 5y Dipl. Ing. in Surveying Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, a M.Sc. in Geoinformatics from the same university, and a Ph.D. in Geomatic Engineering from the UCL department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, in Space Geodesy and Navigation. To date, he is an Assistant Professor of Geodesy at the Cyprus University of Technology department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics.

Previously, he worked for the Hellenic National Cadastre and Mapping Agency (NCMA), in the department responsible for the operation of the Hellenic National GPS/GNSS CORS network, and as a freelance engineer and consultant specialized in positioning, ITS, and location awareness technologies.

His scientific activity is mainly focused on Geodesy, GNSS augmentations, GIS and Hydrographic Surveying subjects. He was a member of the joint IAG and FIG (IAG 4.1.1 and FIG WG 5.5) committee on Ubiquitous Positioning. Besides his scientific interests, he is a dedicated programmer of several conventional and AI programming languages. Throughout the years, he has developed software on a wide range of applications. Amongst others, he is the author of the official Hellenic coordinate transformation software (between the new ETRS89-based coordinate reference system and the National Grid) and the developer of a new geometric geoid model for Greece, provided by NCMA SA.